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The New Mac Mini — the Next Apple TV?

Apple has updated the Mac Mini, beefing up the processor to a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, allowing for up to 8 GB of self-installed memory thanks to a removable panel and providing a graphical boost with Nvidia’s GeForce 320M chipset. A single cord connection for audio and video output to a monitor or HDTV set has also been added, and the small desktop computer is now housed in a larger aluminum case. Aside from the new look, the updated video capabilities stand out as rumors have swirled around the Mini becoming the new Apple TV of the future. Recent talk indicated that the company might leverage the rebadged iOS4 platform for an Apple TV device, which would add tens of thousands of software apps to the living room. But with the new hardware, notably Nvidia’s graphics solution and the new HDMI port, the Mac Mini could easily function like an Apple TV through the use of iTunes and Front Row — two pieces of software that provide simple playback controls when paired with a wireless Apple remote. The price tag has also changed — at $699, it’s $100 more expensive than the previous version.

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iOS usage around the world: US has 3.45% iPhone/iPad/Touch penetration

Our buddy Jack Deneut of Nelso looked at some of the AdMob mobile metrics reporting and came away with an interesting look at the penetration of iPhone/Touch/iPad (iOS) around the world. The biggest user of iPhones by population? You’ll never guess. Jack looked at the total numbers and compared it to population. For example, China has .05% penetration with 922,138 iPhones and Touches in a population of 1,338,612,968 while the US has 18 million devices in a population of 309 million for 3.45% penetration.

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Did Apple’s iPhone 4 Just Kill the Flip?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs just announced the highly anticipated fourth-generation iPhone at WWDC, and the device is bound to make some people at Cisco pretty nervous: The iPhone 4 features 720p HD video recording at 30fps, an LED flash that doubles as a spotlight source for video recording and the ability to edit any video footage right on the device. Video editing on the iPhone is enabled through a custom version of iMovie, which can be bought in the App Store for $4.99. The development of iMovie for the iPhone was led by Randy Ubillos, whose previous credits include the design and development of Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro. The software features a number of themes and transitions and makes it possible to export video in 360p, 540p and 720p, all of which can be shared immediately via Wi-Fi or 3G networks.

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Apple Shows Us What HTML5 Can Do

Apple is one of the biggest supporters of HTML5, and Steve Jobs clearly thinks this new standard is the future of the web. To show why Flash is no longer necessary, Apple has launched a HTML5 showcase displaying what an HTML5-capable browser can do without the need of additional plugins. In typical Apple style, the showcase consists of simple, elegant, yet quite impressive demos of the technology. In one demo, you can type in some text, quickly change the font, its size and transparency, rotate it and add a shadow effect. Another lets you browse through a horizontal, vertical or grid-shaped gallery of images, while a particularly impressive demo lets you spin a 3D object by clicking and dragging.

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Why Google TV As A Platform May Push Apple To Build Televisions

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a lot of interesting things to say tonight at the D8 Conference. But to me, one of the most interesting topics he talked about was only brought up by a question from the audience: Apple TV. We all know that Apple considers the device a “hobby,” and tonight Jobs explained why. But he also may have tilted his hand a little bit when it comes to his thinking about this going forward. Jobs said that the Apple TV is still a hobby because there is a bad “go-to-market” strategy for such devices. In other words, this is basically what I wrote about a month ago: Apple TV will remain a hobby until Apple figures out a way to make money off of it. In the current ecosystem where subsidized cable boxes dominate, that will be very, very hard (just ask TiVo). And Jobs knows it.

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Apple TV looked about ready for the dustbin in recent years, especially with great free media center PC alternatives available like Boxee and XBMC. And with the recent announcement of Google TV, it sure looked like Apple’s foray into the dedicated home entertainment industry was pretty much done for. Not so, according to a report by Engadget. (via Big Changes Ahead for Apple TV

Apple TV looked about ready for the dustbin in recent years, especially with great free media center PC alternatives available like Boxee and XBMC. And with the recent announcement of Google TV, it sure looked like Apple’s foray into the dedicated home entertainment industry was pretty much done for. Not so, according to a report by Engadget. (via Big Changes Ahead for Apple TV


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iPad 3G Shipping by May 7

may 7th will be a great day.

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Dear Authors, Your Next Book Should be an App, Not an iBook

This post was written by 21 year old Cody Brown, the founder of kommons and NYU Local. So much has been said in the past few weeks about how the iPad will change the book industry but in almost all of the tweets, posts, and articles I’ve come across a simple questions seems to be completely dropped. Why do we have books in the first place?

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CrunchGear Rates the Top 10 iPad Games

mmmmm, nothing like a break from the tech news to look at some games… I have actually played 5 of these and i think that “field runner” is my favorite, followed closely by “flight control HD”… and the award for the game that is not available in HD yet but needs to be; “monopoly” for iphone.

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Gruber: Apple Was Right, Adobe Get Over It [Video]

John Gruber of “Daring Fireball” talks about the impact of apple’s decision to disallow flash converted development of iphone apps.  He makes some good points, some of which he admits are that of a developer closer to apple.

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“Get a Mac” Ads: The Ten Best

Do you have a favorite?

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iTunes To Integrate Facebook Connect

Wow, this may be the peak of facebook’s stay as the gorilla of the social space?

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Netflix, ABC to Release Apps for iPad Launch

Good news for online video fans: The first generation of video apps for the iPad have been revealed, and among them are offerings from content distributors Netflix and ABC. The rollout of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service on the soon-to-launched mobile device, as well as a wide selection of content expected from ABC’s broadcast TV lineup, will go a long way toward legitimizing it as a video-viewing machine

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Exciting day for Apple users

Seems the entore internet is abuzz with tablet rumors, rumors that Jason Calacanis may have verified last night on twitter.  Some of the claims he made were pretty amazing…  You can follow his tweets here  Or ours here

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