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Ustream’s Live Mobilizer Gives Bands And Brands Live Streaming iPhone Apps

Popular live video platform Ustream is adding a new product to its repertoire today: an iPhone application platform called Ustream Live Mobilizer that offers brands, celebrities, and bands a customizable iPhone application that features Ustream’s live steaming capabilities. Each Mobilizer app is branded to the artist’s specifications (in other words, they don’t look like generic cookie cutter apps). The biggest feature here is support for watching an artist’s live video feed through Ustream, but the app also includes support for sharing to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. It also has Ustream’s ‘Social Stream’ feature, which lets you submit questions to the artist during a live stream and syndicate it out to other social networks.

12:00 pm, by mymaitv

Clicker Live Shows You What’s Playing On The Web Right Now

Live video is starting to take off on the Web on livevideo sites such as Livestream, Ustream, and Justin.TV. And every network TV website also offers live video from time to time. It’s hard to keep up. What is needed is a TV Guide for live video on the Web. Online video guide Clicker is taking a stab at that with the launch of Clicker Live. It is starting with thousands of feeds of premium live video on the Web. The clicker site will have a new Live tab where live shows will be promoted as “On Air Now” and can be searched. There is also a calendar showing what’s coming up, and you can browse by topic or title.

12:30 pm, by mymaitv

Surprise! iPad Users Watch Even More Video Than We Thought

A lot of our readers were skeptical when some very early — but very impressive — iPad video viewership data was released by MeFeedia. A little less than a week after the Apple tablet device was released, MeFeedia reported that iPad users watched two and a half times as many videos as typical web users, and watched video three times longer than those users.

11:00 am, by mymaitv