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YouTube Adds Video Editing in the Cloud

Up until now, if YouTube users wanted to combine multiple clips into a single video, they had to use offline editing tools. But YouTube today rolled out cloud-based video editing tools, giving users a whole new way to remix their existing video assets online. As detailed in the Google operating system blog, the new YouTube editor allows users to trim video, mix and match clips — even add music. And while the new offering won’t replace more robust video editing software — like Apple’s Final Cut Pro — it will enable users to combine their videos in new and interesting ways.

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mDialog Tackles HTML5 Video Security

Content security, advertising and tracking — these are all things that HTML5 video lags behind Adobe’s Flash. For most publishers, lack of support for any or all of these capabilities can be a deal breaker — which is why many have chosen to tread lightly or stay away from HTML5 video implementations altogether, despite the fact that HTML5 is the only way to get video on Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Because Flash has been used for years as the de facto standard for video publishing on the web, an ecosystem of tools has sprung up for reporting and analytics, monetization and content security. As a nascent web standard, HTML5 video still lacks the same kind of toolset that is available to Flash publishers for years. But some startups — like mDialog — are emerging to help video publishers tackle these problems. mDialog got its start in building video apps for iPhone publishers, but since the iPad uses the same formatting for video publishing, it was able to extend that expertise to those that want to publish on the new Apple tablet. As a result, mDialog’s HTML5 player already offers advertising support and reporting features for iPad publishers — and was one of the first companies to do so. Now the startup is extending its tool set to include content security.

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Side-by-side: HTC EVO 4G vs. Flip SlideHD

One of the many neat features of the new HTC EVO 4G is its ability to record 720p HD video. Of course, the resolution alone doesn’t say much about how the videos look, which is why we decided to take the device for a spin and have it directly compete against a Flip SlideHD. I took both devices for a spin outside our office and recorded some additional footage in our hallway and elevator to challenge them on their ability to handle low light scenes. The results, in a nutshell: Flip maker Cisco can relax, at least for now. The EVO 4G doesn’t even come close to the crispness of the Flip, which also deals much better with challenging recording situations.

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Online Video Viewers: The Young, the Rich, the Educated

The number of people that turn to the web for video entertainment continues to increase, with almost 70 percent of all US Internet users now watching videos online, according to new data from The Pew Research Center. But the research firm’s latest State of Online Video report shows much of that growth coming from Internet users that are young, educated and well-off. According to the latest data, 69 percent of Internet users have used the web to watch or download online video, which equates to about half (52 percent) of all US residents. Since 2007 — the last time the survey was conducted — Pew notes that the growth in online video viewing has been driven primarily by adoption among young Internet users (those aged 18 to 29), 84 percent of which have copped to viewing or downloading videos online. That compares to 74 percent of Internet users aged 30 to 49 that say they’ve watched or downloaded online videos, and just 53 percent of Internet users aged 50 and above.

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"Today Show" Launches 2-Minute Daily Web Video

Another mainstream media outlet is dipping its toes into online. “TODAY in 2 Minutes” is a new online-only feature of The Today Show. The show will feature host Natalie Morales and will include two minutes of Today content, including weather, news headlines and other stories. Each segment will appear on and at 6:30 a.m. ET every weekday. The spots will initially be sponsored by Buick.

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10 Killer Tips for Creating a Branded YouTube Channel

There was a time when YouTube (YouTube) was considered a wild-wild west of content — a place where marketers shied away from uploading their commercials, let alone building a branded channel. But these days, YouTube has become more mini-van than stagecoach. From Toyota Sienna’s high-profile television commercials urging consumers to visit their YouTube channel, to (what might be considered the anti-minivan) Harley Davidson’s fan-centric YouTube universe, there has been a noticeable shift in corporate adoption of the platform.

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The NewTeeVee Guide to Watching Web Video on the iPad

I am waiting for the guide to ecommerce on the ipad.  soon?

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